Construction Defects

A primary focus of our firm is in Construction Defects.  Although our main focus is on stucco litigation, we handle all types of construction defects, from roofing to foundation issues.  Unfortunately for homeowners, with housing booms come quick and often sloppy construction practices.  The state of Florida requires a qualifying agent to oversee the construction of your home, but in the middle of a housing boom, a single qualifying agent can be overseeing the construction of several hundred homes at one time.  It is simply impossible for homes to be properly supervised.  This lack of oversight invariably leads to construction defects.

Additionally, most homeowners find out the hard way that the wonderful warranty that they were provided at closing isn’t really all that wonderful.  Oftentimes, the first year coverage is fairly comprehensive, the second year mainly covers HVAC issues and then the remainder of the ten year warranty covers only major structural issues.  It is this ten year warranty that is the real issue.  These warranties usually require the damage to the home to be so severe that it renders the home uninhabitable.  That so rarely happens that the 10 year warranty is almost always pointless.

Fortunately, Florida has a process whereby homeowners can recover for construction defects even in the absence of an applicable warranty.  We are very familiar with these statutes and can navigate them properly and quickly so that your issues can be resolved as soon as possible.  If you believe you have a construction defect, DO NOT DELAY.  Statutes of Limitation and Repose apply to all construction defect matters, so time is of the essence.  Please CONTACT US for a FREE CONSULTATION at (813) 525-4100.

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