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Insurance Lawyer

Insurance Lawyer

Fighting For You After Damage To Your Home

An insurance lawyer is a professional who advises and represents clients in disputes concerning insurance contracts. In Florida, where extreme weather is an everyday occurrence, it’s crucial to have experienced legal representation when filing an insurance claim. When you hire an insurance lawyer from Wilson Reeder and Zudar, you can know you’re in good hands, and we’ll fight for the highest compensation possible.

How Much Does An Insurance Lawyer Cost?

In most cases, hiring an insurance lawyer should not cost you anything when insurance isn’t paying what it should. After settling, we typically make the insurance company cover the litigation costs. However, every case is different, so reach out for a free consultation.

What Kinds Of Insurance Claims Do You Represent?

We work with many insurance claims and work hard to get you the compensation you have earned and paid for. Some of the most common types of insurance claims we help settle are:

Things You Should Consider When Choosing To Hire An Insurance Lawyer

There are many things to consider when picking an insurance lawyer, so let’s review those.

Winning Cases Like Yours

Hiring an experienced insurance lawyer means hiring a team with proven success. Before picking your lawyer, you should look at the cases they have won like yours. Have they won more than they lost? What were the settlements amounts? Were clients happy with their experience?

Experience with Insurance Companies

An experienced insurance disputes lawyer will know how insurance companies operate. This experience will ensure a strong case with a positive outcome.

The lawyer should have the ability and know-how to handle insurance companies when it comes to the resolution of your case. An insurance lawyer who lacks this skill might be unable to convince the insurance company about the issues you are having with them. Thus your case might drag on without any conclusion.

Litigation Experience

We plan your case as though it will go to trial. We have extensive experience in litigation and will not stop fighting for your compensation.

When To Hire A Lawyer For An Insurance Claim

It can be hard to know when to hire an insurance lawyer. Here are a few times it’s essential to reach out to a lawyer.

Your Insurance Claim Has Been Denied

Your insurance will do anything it can to pay the least amount possible, even deny your claim. Contact our team of lawyers today if your insurance claim has been denied and you believe it’s unjust.

There is Prejudice Involved in Your Case.

Insurance companies often have legal representation when dealing with lawsuits. You need to ask for an attorney if you suspect that prejudice is involved in your cases, such as discrimination or prejudice against foreigners or students.

You Suspect Your Claim Has Been Filed Improperly.

Insurance claims are often complex and complicated, so it is not uncommon for insurance companies to make mistakes in filing the claim and calculating the compensation you should be getting. It may occur even if your claim has not been denied by the insurance company yet.

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