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Flood Insurance Lawyer

Flood Insurance Lawyer

Fighting For You After a Flood

When your home has been damaged by flooding, you count on your homeowner’s insurance to cover you. However, insurance companies will do everything they can to limit their payouts. Additionally, when there’s a natural disaster, many homeowners can’t even get a hold of their insurance company. That’s why Wilson Reeder and Zudar are here- we will advocate for you and hold insurance companies accountable to ensure you get the payout you deserve. Your best next step is hiring a flood lawyer when insurance won’t cover the damage. Contact us today to get started.

How Much Does A Flood Lawyer Cost?

In most cases, hiring a flood lawyer when insurance isn’t paying should not cost you anything. After settling, we typically make the insurance company cover the litigation costs. However, every case is different, so reach out for a free consultation. We offer this type of fee structure for other insurance lawyer claims such as:

Flood Insurance FAQs

There are many questions about how insurance works when it comes to flooding. Whether the flood was caused by a defective washing machine or a natural disaster, we are here to fight for you.

How Can a Flood Lawyer Help If My Flood Insurance Claim Has Already Been Denied?

Insurance companies are notorious for doing everything they can to pay the least amount possible, and sometimes that means nothing at all. We understand the law and what it takes to make your insurance company cover your home. You pay expensive premiums to have coverage- and we will fight for you to get the payout you deserve.

Will My Insurance Also Cover the Mold Caused by the Flooding?

It depends on your specific policy. We will look over your policy in detail, and if your policy should cover it, we will ensure you get your payout.

There’s a Hurricane Coming; How Can I Best Prepare?

Before and after a storm, you should take photographs of your home or business and the contents. When a storm like Hurricane Michael hits, it can level structures making it nearly impossible to prove or disprove what was inside the home. If you want to be compensated for the contents of your home, you’ll need to be able to establish what you had, its initial condition, and its current condition.

We have heard stories of insurance companies being overwhelmed during significant hurricanes and either not answering their phones or denying claims without the appropriate investigation. Both of these practices are simply unacceptable, and you need to speak to an attorney if your claim is not being considered promptly and thoughtfully.

How Does My Deductible Figure Into a Claim?

Hurricane deductibles range generally from 2% to 10%. Insurance companies sometimes write estimates just enough to meet your deductible, so you get no money. If you get an estimate that is coincidentally about the same as your deductible, you should see this as a red flag that something isn’t right, and you should contact an attorney.

How Long Do I Have To Make a Claim?

Almost every policy requires prompt reporting of your claim. There are statutory limits that require claims to be made within two years. However, if you have been through a named storm and know you have damage, you should contact your insurance company immediately. There is no reason to wait. You should not be concerned about rising rates because you make a claim. By and large, such myths are just that – myths. Remember, you paid for a product, and it is time to receive that product.

Should I Use a Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters come out in droves after hurricanes. They populate damaged areas looking for clients to assist in making claims. This can be overwhelming for some families and communities to handle, especially after suffering significant losses to their property and, sometimes, lives. Like any profession, some public adjusters are upstanding, and others are questionable. Please do your due diligence before signing up with public adjusters.

Can I Deposit Checks That Have Been Issued By the Insurance Company?

Once again, it depends. Make sure you read the check carefully, along with any letters or releases that may accompany the check. If any language suggests that you accept full and final payment by depositing the check, you will likely not be able to pursue the matter further. If the payments are interim payments and not meant to be final payments, you can probably deposit the checks. This is important in post-hurricane situations because repairs often need to take place immediately, even if it is not complete repair. Thus, you may get a check that will only allow for the roof to be repaired but will not cover your personal effects or the damage to the interior. You’ll want to do this immediately to prevent further damage. Ensure you are not preventing yourself from receiving further funds from the insurance company. You may want to call us first before depositing the check so that we can discuss your particular situation.

Should I Sign a Release Given by the Insurance Company?

You have received only if you are not interested in obtaining additional funds and are satisfied with the payments. A release likely will preclude you from receiving any additional money on the case.

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